Wilmington, DE Full Mouth Implant Hybrids

Full Mouth Implant Hybrids in Wilmington, DE

If you are missing one or more teeth, Full Mouth Implant Hybrids offer a stable, long-lasting replacement option that will restore the form and function of your smile and give you peace of mind. With these dental prostheses, you won’t have to worry about your tooth replacement shifting in your mouth or falling out. You can rest assured that with Full Mouth Implant Hybrids from Delaware Dental Studio, your smile will be fully restored, giving you carefree confidence.

Traditional vs. Full Mouth Implant Hybrids

When people think of dentures, the image that typically comes to mind is a bulky replacement that fits over your gums and looks less than natural. However, Full Mouth Implant Hybrids offer more stability and a more seamless appearance. Traditional dentures fit over your gums and are held in place by friction, which means that they have the potential to slide, shift, and move in your mouth. Full Mouth Implant Hybrids attach to artificial tooth roots (implants), and this ensures that your dentures won’t shift when you speak or chew and that your smile looks natural.

Understanding the Process

To begin treatment, Dr. Fee will insert a minimal number of implants into your jaw bone and gum tissue. These implants are small titanium posts that will eventually function as artificial tooth roots once they heal. During the healing process, your implants go through a process known as “osseointegration”, which means that they bond permanently to your jaw. Once the healing and osseointegration process are complete, Dr. Fee will create your custom denture. Full Mouth Implant Hybrids “snap” into place and attach to your dental implants to provide a stable, durable, and functional replacement option for patients with missing teeth.

Benefits of Full Mouth Implant Hybrids

  • Preserves your gum and jaw – Because dental implants allow you to put pressure on the gum and jaw bone, your jaw will maintain its strength and will not deteriorate. This is not the case with traditional dentures, which do not prevent gum and jaw resorption.
  • No more irritation of gum tissue – Because traditional dentures contact the gum tissue directly, minor irritation is common among many patients who wear dentures. This is not a concern with Full Mouth Implant Hybrids.
  • Improves speech and confidence – You will be able to speak without worrying about your dentures shifting. You can also eat and chew without fear, which helps restore your confidence.
  • Fewer dietary restrictions – You can apply more bite force with implant-supported dentures, making it easier to chew hard or tough foods, and broadening your dietary options.

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